Buoy the population of the soul
Toward their destination before they drown
~ Robert Pinsky
March 2023
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Poetry Index 1 - 100

Statistics: 120 Poets, 200 Poems, One Big Book! Poet with largest number of poems: Philip Larkin (12)
Akhmatova Anna I don't know if you're alive or dead
You Will Hear Thunder
Ali Agha Shahid From In Search of Evanescence
I See Chile in My Rearview Mirror
The Country Without a Post Office
The Floating Post Office
Amichai Yehuda I Have Become Very Hairy
Quick and Bitter
Temporary Poem Of My Time
Try To Remember Some Details
Ammons A.R. from A Tape For The Turn Of The Year
Angel Ralph Even Because
Appleman Philip Credo
Auden W. H. Stop All The Clocks, Cut Off The Telephone
Bai Li Night Thoughts
Basho Matsuo Haiku
Berry Wendell The Country Of Marriage
Brautigan Richard 30 Cents, Two Transfers, Love
The Wait
Bukowski Charles beerbottle
Sway With Me
Carver Raymond Happiness
Cohen Leonard Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye
Dacey Philip The New Love Poem
Dahl Roald Hot And Cold
Dao Bei We
Doty Mark Everywhere
Emanuel James A. Jazzanatomy
Empson William Let It Go
Faiz Faiz Ahmad Don’t Ask Me for That Love Again
Ferlinghetti Lawrence Sandinista Avioncitos
Galeano Eduardo from The Book of Embraces
Gilbert Jack Dante Dancing
Ginsberg Allen Howl
Giovanni Nikki Resignation
Gluck Louise The White Lilies
Guest Harry Death of a Friendship
Hauss Sandra Sturtz These Are My Wishes For You
Hecht Anthony A Letter
Henley William Earnest Invictus
Hikmet Nazim Things I Didn't Know I Loved
Hughes Ted Hawk Roosting
Kilmer Joyce Trees
Kunitz Stanley Touch Me
Larkin Phillip Love, We Must Part Now
Morning At Last: There In The Snow
Morning Has Spread Again
No Road
Since The Majority Of Me
This Be The Verse
Whatever Happened?
When First We Faced, And Touching Showed
Why Did I Dream Of You Last Night?
Longfellow Henry Wadsworth A Psalm of Life
Lorca Federico Garcia Romance Sonambulo
Maginnes Al For a Glass of Red Wine
Marks Leo A Code Poem For The French Resistance
Merrill James A Renewal
Milosz Czeslaw Conversation with Jeanne
Moore Jim You and Snow
Neruda Pablo If You Forget Me
Nordbrandt Henrik Pragmatic
Parra Nicanor Young Poets
Patten Brian Sometimes it Happens
Paz Octavio Between what I see and what I say
Sunstone (Fragments)
There is a motionless tree
Trawl Bridge Street
Wind and Water and Stone
With Eyes Closed
Porter Peter Japanese Jokes
Pound Ezra And the days are not full enough
Pryor Richard Poetry
Rilke Live My Life
Slumber Song
Roethke Theodore I Knew a Woman
Sandburg Carl Dust
Satchidanandan K In You
Seth Vikram Unclaimed
Snyder Gary Riprap
Szymborska Wislawa Under One Small Star
Tafdrup Pia Tabernacles
Teasdale Sara Morning
Thomas John By Heart
Thomas Dylan Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night
Thomsen Søren Ulrik Reverted
The Shaking of Creation
Wanek Connie Daisies
Weores Sandor Rain
Williams William Carlos This Is Just To Say
Yakamochi Otomo No Two Tanka
Young Dean The Illusion
Young Lee Li Persimmons

Big Book of Poetry Index

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Poetry Index 101 -

Akhmatova Anna Twenty first. Night. Monday.
Aleixandre Vicente Face through the Glass (An Old Man Gazes)
Ali Agha Shahid Ghazal
Not All, Only A Few Return
Allen Dick This Far
Berry Wendell The Peace of Wild Things
The Wild Geese
Bly Robert Bad People
Campo Rafael The Distant Moon
Cohen Leonard Gift
Collins Billy I Ask You
Cooper Jane Rent
Crane Hart Exile
cummings e.e. may i feel said he
love is a place
Introduction from Collected Poems
Curbelo Silvia Drinking Song
Dunn Stephen The Unsaid
John & Mary
Poem For People That Are Understandably Too Busy To Read Poetry
Ehrlich Gretel This Cold Heaven
Faiz Faiz Ahmed Before You Came
Fenton James In Paris with You
Field Edward The Farewell
Flynn Nick Emptying Town
Forché Carolyn Poem For Maya
Gluck Louise April
First Memory
Hikmet Nazim It's This Way
Some Advice to Those Who Will Serve Time in Prison
On Living
A Fable of Fables
Hoagland Tony   America
Adam and Eve
Ignatow David A First on TV
Jiles Paulette She Writes in Spanish to Someone She Knew
Kamienska Anna A Prayer That Will Be Answered
Kerouac Jack from On The Road
Kim Chungmi A Girl on the Swing
Kingsolver Barbara Daily Bread
Koch Kenneth You Want a Social Life, with Friends
Larkin Philip Is it for now or for always
Talking in Bed
Annus Mirabilis
The Trees
The Mower
Lazard Naomi Ordinance On Arrival
Levertov Denise Zeroing In
Ling Lan A Melody
Martory Pierre   Blues
Maxwell Glyn from Time's Fool
Merriam Eve Lullaby
Merwin W.S. Separation
Mew Charlotte I So Liked Spring
Mistral Gabriela Wall
Mora Pat In the Blood/En la Sangre
Myers Jack Limits
Nash Ogden I Do, I Will, I Have
Neruda Pablo Ode to the Moment
Leaning Into The Afternoons
The Me Bird
Nye Naomi Shihab Kindness
Oliver Mary WEST WIND #2
Ondaatje Michael The Cinnamon Peeler
Patten Brian And nothing is ever as you want to be
Pavese Cesare Nocturne
Pessoa Fernando Untitled
Rich Adrienne Stepping Backward
In Those Years
From a Survivor
From an Atlas of the Difficult World
Love Poem 2
Rukeyser Muriel This Place in the Ways
Waiting for Icarus
Seth Vikram Protocols
At Evening
Smith Stevie Not Waving but Drowning
Sodergran Edith Hope
Stafford William Ask Me
Stevenson Anne The Spirit is too Blunt an Instrument
Stone Ruth Good Advice
Strand Mark Keeping Things Whole
The Remains
Tate James Teaching the Ape to Write Poems
Thomas R. S. Song at the Year's Turning
Viorst Judith Learning
Walcott Derek Codicil
Zagajewski Adam Try to Praise the Mutilated World

Big Book of Poetry Index

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