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Friday, 29. May 2009

Seven Things I Love

I started making this list on my Blackberry soon after I had read my friend lucas green's list over at his wonderful new blog "Porous Borders" (now used for secret snacking in the pits of Kapitalism), and then Elizabeth went ahead and tagged me with this meme, so I couldn't put off post this any longer...

[1] I love re-reading Nazim Hikmet's "Things I Didn't Know I Loved" once every few months - a brilliant list poem hath never been made than this one

[2] I love how vistas curve away from sight when one is traveling by train - in Italy last year this time, a trip between La Speiza and Vernazza, the blue Mediterranean appearing and disappearing as the cliff hugging train snaked through tunnels - like watching water elide into water on a windowpane on a rainy day

[3] I love Bach's Cello Suites - all of them, the stark punch-in-the-gut simplicity of them - Bach's Herr Jesu must exist in some form or fashion for these suites exist

[4] I love revisiting old letters (and post late 90s, emails) written by younger selves - sleeves of time that now smell like the paws of a faithful dog - useful to “feast on your life"

[5] I love inscriptions, notes, lists, and sometimes even poems one finds in used books - the scat of things said in place of something that always remains unsayable

[6] I love light in autumn, the way distances open again after a long summer. And I love to "wander along the boulevards, up and down, restlessly, while the dry leaves are blowing"

[7] I love reading interconnected novels set in the fictional towns - R.K. Narayan's Malgudi and Wendell Berry's Port William being two notable examples – a nomadic existence’s desire for fixity I suppose

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last point about fictional town - one book I heard a lot about - Anderson's Winesburg, Ohio might just fit the bill.

It's in my to read list.

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