Buoy the population of the soul
Toward their destination before they drown
~ Robert Pinsky
October 2019
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Lunch Time Notes

These past few lovely summer days, Africa on my mind: first there was Salif Keita's dazzle in a Brooklyn dusk, and last evening, Orchestra Baobab's Senegalese spin on Cuban rumba, by the shores of Hudson River.

And to complement such musical feasting, two writers, previously one known and one not, inflaming an old scabby hunger (grown passive with time etc) for literature: this past week witnessed consumption of two novels from the roof of the world, Halldór Laxness's "The Fish Can Sing" (from Icelandic) and Knut Hamsun's brilliant "Growth of the Soil" (from Norwegian)

My Daily Notes

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Header Change

In keeping with the change in seasons, a header change: detail from a photograph I took of a sunset over Vernazza, Italy. This is the actual photograph; makes a pretty screensaver, if I may say so myself.

My Daily Notes

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Dante, Kafka, Hesse and he
Will wander about in the lands
Of Visigoths and Romans* for
The next three weeks, in which
There will be much drinking,
much eating, and perhaps more reading

  • some documentary evidence
    Of which may surface here.
  • in Asterix's formulation

My Daily Notes

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