Buoy the population of the soul
Toward their destination before they drown
~ Robert Pinsky
May 2021
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A Lesson

Photo by Joao

Light recedes.

So do blood & breath
In the pained fields of memory.

You stand alone with your
Incomprehension and blindness

Seeking consolation
For things that can’t be explained.

Observe how the tree goes within itself,
And becomes a talisman for the winter sky.

You too must learn.

Image-ned Word

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Facing The Horizon

Photos by Joao

Don’t look away.
Now that the day is ending,

We don’t have much time
In the continuum of time

Before distance between us
Grows, and we recede again

Into the masks of strangers, hoping
To meet later, perhaps, on a street

Corner somewhere in paradise
Or in purgatory on our way down.

Don’t look away
As the shadows of our veins

Embroider the sky with a story.
Your story. My story.

Also this may be the appropriate music to go with these words.

Image-ned Word

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X Ray

Photo by Joao. For full effect,view it large

Yellow light imprints silhouettes
Of leaves

Fluttering from the branches
Of trees, and memories

Of trees, against the far wall
Made of bone.

Look! How giant this moment grows,
As it unfurls into the sky,

And passes into the next one.

Image-ned Word

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