Buoy the population of the soul
Toward their destination before they drown
~ Robert Pinsky
May 2021
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A Night Note

I am sleepless like the Ganges flowing at the ghat below.
All night long the traffic of lanterned boats and snuffed out
Bodies keep me awake. No dreams or nightmares intrude
The slap of water on the steps.

Only fog as it rises off the water to efface
The quarter moon,
Your face, your voice, your embracing arms,
And then my memory of all these memories of you.

When tomorrow comes, come to bury your hands
In my ashes, and bury my ashes in those waters.

You may view this photo for an approximation of the mind image

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An Evening Note

Every evening I am a freighter
Tracking the darkness as
It falls over these wharves
Scanned, perhaps, by your
Trackless, and thus lost, eyes.

Scribbled in response to this photo

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Permanent Center of Gravity

Heart in summer
Walks into in fields
Of wild poppies,
And becomes a bottle
That holds the old ink
Pressed from
Gauzy skirts of their petals
Waving in the wind;
One continuous flag
For Hypnos,
The god of sleep
In whose arms
Loveless fitfully sleep.

It is only when
The bottle breaks open
And every Beatrice dips
Her hand right into
The heart of the heart
To reveal the silence
That abides within,
Does the heart find
Its permanent center
Of gravity
To fall into, fall towards.

Written in response to this photo by Elle

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