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Toward their destination before they drown
~ Robert Pinsky
November 2020
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Wednesday, 28. May 2003

Rock Band Names - A List by Dave Barry

Flagrant Pork
The Colossal Colon
Tommy Tapeworm
The Cotton-Eating Moths of Australia
Excessive Deer Doots
The Fabulous Snake Doots
The Fierce Prune-Eating Hamsters from Space
The Flaming Booty Moths
The Flaming Croutons
The Flaming Salmonella Units
The Flying Shards
Italic Squirrels
Little Heed
Pinot Noir and his Nuances of Toast
Sheep Eyeballs
Short Shrift
Shy Fruiter and the Saplings
Slippery Spleens
The Turkey Spiders
Violently Fracturing Water Closets
Rodent Passion
Kung Fu Trees
Combat Alfalfa
Nuclear Underpants
The Groin Whappers
Thrusting Balloon Puppies
The Moos of Derision
Flaming Booty Moths
Slippery Spleens
Weasel Nostrils
Italic Squirrels
Little Heed
Short Shrift
Groping For Elmo
Pig-Stinging Jellyfish
Fugitive Squirrel and the Clearly Disturbed Beavers
The Mighty Shaking Wattles
Drawers Full of Slugs
Brilliant Thighs
Paint Peeling Puffs of Flatulence
Foliage Eaters
Mosquito Hunter and the Unreliable Pollinators
Marcel and the Turpitudes
Duane Ketter and his Wildlife Technicians
Decomposing Tubers
Bill and the Bracts
The Radioactive Muskrats
Dewayne Hurlmont and the Compunctions of Soul
Rapid Sucking Action
Contaminated Tumbleweeds
Varlet and the Squeaking Codpieces
Violently Fracturing Water Closets
The Flying Shards
Eerie Groin Legumes
Fierce Prune-Eating Hamsters From Space
Virtual Weasils
The Thriving Balkan Prunes
Legendary Carp
Disoriented Chickadees
Hearty Polyp Chuckles
Weasel Feet
Mature Hamsters
Elmo Wendorf and the Cow Fitters
Yuck Bomb
Invasion of the Dork Tourists From Space
Hawley Smoot Tariff
Blood Sucking Death Cabbages From Hell
Glass Eyeball Caper
Wild Rotting Potatoes
Martian Death Flu
Death Squid
Comically Monikered
Pullet Surprise
Low Flow Toilets
Cones of Doom
Tater Silo
Stealth Thong
Tactical Field Brassiere
Body Stapler Kit
Quid Pro Quo
Death Comet
Blowtorch Noogie
Umbrella Cheese
Buck Naked Oenologists
Soccer Lizards
Hamelin Poolites
Noogie Booger
Invasion of Slugs
Roaches 2.0
Pregnant Mustard

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