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October 2019
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Sunday, 19. July 2009

Small Is Beautiful

This article (in a very cool digital media magazine called FLYP) makes me want to go get plans for a Tumbleweed house, and to start building one ASAP.

But wait, this is not a big or a new thing for me at all compared to folks in the above article for having a base station in New York limits my living space to < 500-700 sq. ft anyway. So much so that I have crashed in hotel rooms where in the bathroom was twice as large as the various matchboxes I have called home with my magic mountain of paper.

Since "small" living actually is very intuitive to post-Midnight's (aka post-colonial) Children like me who grew up without too much stuff (not having enough books was the only downside), it was quite amusing to note the curiosity that was to be had on the internets when Tata (of "OK Tata Bye Bye" automotive fame) recently unveiled plans for "Nano" housing (with ~ 300 sq ft floor plans) for the masses in suburban Bombay with a starting price tag of ~$10,000 (or ~Rs. 5 lakhs - still a lot of money for folks at the bottom of the wealth pyramid)

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