Buoy the population of the soul
Toward their destination before they drown
~ Robert Pinsky
April 2019
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Friday, 4. October 2002


You forgot to open the door,
you forget yourself and all
that was besides the point for
you forgot that I was
already a part of the equation
when you slashed the movie screen
I was floating on, a bit role player
hoping to turn into the knight.

Now as fall burnishes all the leaves,
and paves avenues in golden red,
trees have no vacany for little birds anymore
there is no vacany for any pain tonight in my heart,
I have already walked a thousand miles on
the road that I left on with no destination
no plan in my head. I had burned all the maps
when I burned all those abandonded city blocks,
warehouses, crumbling buildings, dream dance halls
with movie posters advertising our show, my name
somewhere in the footnotes, in the city called us.

Now I am seeing light in the distance,
now I know I am going to make it,
now there is no stopping me,
now there is beauty rising,
now there is abiding faith
now there is the beating of wings,
now there is the rush of wind
now these jets are taking off,
Now when you open your windows and wonder
how you had forgotten that when one
divides by zero one only gets infinity
and empty sky, in which you will see me
blazing away as a wild comet.

You just forgot to keep that door open.
You just forgot yourself.

Atleast remember this sometime.

2002:09:04 19:00 Atlanta

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